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If you’re a Dallas resident and your air conditioning unit goes on the fritz, you’ll naturally be interested in finding an AC Dallas repair company to come to your home ASAP.

But before you hire the first company that pops up in your desperate AC Dallas repair company Google search, here are some tips to follow so that you’ll be sure you find a reputable and competent service company.

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Does the company’s website offer emergency AC repair service seven days a week? If not, and if your AC Dallas unit has stopped working on the weekend or a holiday, you may have to wait until Monday for service. Can you and other members of your household sweat it out that long? If you have elderly family members living with you, it may be critical that you find a repair service that makes emergency calls. You’ll have to pay extra for this emergency service, but heat and humidity often can do a real number on seniors, so it will be worth it to you to pay the company’s emergency fees.

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Ask about the credentials of the AC Repair Dallas service company’s technicians. What kind of training and testing do they do before they’re allowed to service air conditioning units? Even if the repair company itself hasn’t been around long, if it has experienced and certified technicians you should feel secure knowing your air conditioning unit is in good hands.

You’ll want to make sure the company can repair your type of AC unit, so be sure to have the name and model of your unit before you call. Also check to see if the company repairs only certain parts of an air conditioner. It would be waste of your time — and money — to ask a company to come to your home only to find out it can’t repair your particular AC unit.

Be sure to ask about any guarantees the AC Repair Dallas repair firm offers on its work. Does the guarantee cover both parts and labor, or only one or the other. If it guarantees parts, ask how long that guarantee lasts. One week, two months, half a year?  You do not want ot be stuck with new AC parts with no warranty.

AC Repair Dallas “Service Agreements”

After the technician repairs your unit, she may offer you the opportunity to sign up for the AC Dallas repair company’s service plan. This could come in very handy because many AC repair companies service their members units first when a heat wave arrives, knocking out many Dallas homeowners’ AC units. A service agreement can mean the difference between getting your unit serviced within 24 hours or waiting several days for a tech’s schedule to open up during some of the hottest days of the year.

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